September 7, 2000

Webisodic Duke Nukem

Online today is a news article over at the Daily Radar site which speaks of the new Duke Nukem game concept. The article refers to these games as "Duke Webisodic Series" - and here's what the article says about the game series:

WEB Corp. (World Entertainment Broadcasting Corp.) is an Internet media development company and provider of interactive episodic games. Recently the company struck a deal with 3D Realms to publish an Episodic Gaming Series starring the esteemed square-headed Nukem.

The person behind all this is Jim Perkins, someone who has been known to us for quite some time from his time with FormGen, the original publisher of Duke Nukem 3D. Here's a bit of what Jim had to say in the interview:

DR: Will WEB Corp. have a say in how development on the title is approached, or will you leave them to it?

JP: WEB Corp. has a big say in how the game series will be developed, as will the developer making the series, and of course 3D Realms. 3D Realms is not making the Duke episodic series -- we are finalizing who that will be very soon.

DR: How would a developer approach an episodic game?

JP: A developer starts with a base story, characters and technology that they can build on over time. Then they make episodes based on this in a series of pieces or gamelets over time, and similar to a television series -- creativity and flexibility are key. It's not easy, especially if a developer is used to making $10M, three-year epic productions. Making episodic games is very rewarding; developers see the results of their labor much sooner.

We will have more on this here on our site once there is more to report. In the meantime, head over to Daily Radar to check out the full interview with Jim.

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