December 14, 2000

Commander Keen is Ten!

Today is a landmark day in computer gaming. Ten years ago today, Episode 1 of Commander Keen was released - and gaming was never quite the same. Commander Keen laid the foundation for many of the computer games that we play today. If not by style, then by it's success, it paved the way for the creation of what we know now.

To this, we have a retrospective on Commander Keen online now. This historical article has pictures, screen shots, little known trivia, and much more! The creation of id Software & Commander Keen is detailed, all seven of the existing official Commander Keen games are discussed, as well as Keen's possible future.

Downloads and lots of cool Keen reading await - so make sure and check out our "10th Anniversary Look Back at Commander Keen" today. If you enjoy the article, make sure and discuss it on our forums!

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