December 14, 2000

Duke Nukem Forever is Unwanted

In an odd story, FamilyPC has posted their top 10 list of "least wanted" games. In their own words, "For every family-friendly game that's available this season, there are probably three that aren't suitable for the enlightened den or living room. Yes, the usual offenders - blood, gore, misogyny - are out in full force." There are some would think that these things are reasons to want the game, but still. Their article lists games such as Deus Ex, Kiss Psycho Circus, Panty Raider, and our own Max Payne & Duke Nukem Forever! That's kind of odd, as neither Duke nor Max are out yet! Anyway, here's what they had to say:

In 1995, Duke Nukem 3D lent a much-needed dose of humor to the then-fledgling first-person shooter genre. But it also had plenty of blood and guts, and the long-awaited sequel is no exception. This new version adds an eerie human quotient: In addition to monsters, human soldiers are now among Duke's targets.

If renowned director John Woo started making computer games, they'd probably look a lot like this edgy, ultraviolent first-person shooter. Expect gore galore and slow-motion replays of particularly provocative kills. While Max Payne does earn points for style (and incredible graphics), it's definitely not appropriate for young teens.

They even list prices for the games, which is even more bizarre, because that information has yet to be decided! If you want to check out their complete list, take a look at the article.

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