December 12, 2000

Duke Nukem: First, Last, Forever

We were just informed of a historical retrospective on Duke Nukem that was just published over on the Gathering of Developers site. Looking back on the previous PC Duke Nukem games, this article is a nice look at the history of the Duke Nukem games. Here's a tidbit or two:

But in the original Duke Nukem title, Apogee Software laid the groundwork for the one of the most successful franchises in gaming history. Additionally, Apogee created the concept of the game "demo", now an essential element in game publishing's process of releasing finished titles to the public.

Duke Nukem 3D also proved that the exciting run-and-shoot world of 3D gaming need not be limited to a superficial experience of knee-deep immersion. Duke's persistent sense of humor, often pointed at popular culture or competitors' games, provided more than a few chuckles and plenty of light moments. Further, the progression of the storyline and the perfect segues from one level to the next established plot development in a game that rivaled that of feature films.

There's a lot of cool stuff in this article, so head on over to the Gathering site and check it out!

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