December 22, 2000

Merry Christmas from 3D Realms

It's Christmastime again, and all of us here at 3D Realms wish to pass on our wishes for a happy holiday season to everyone out there. We hope that everyone has a good time this season, and more importantly, a safe time. Make sure you're back next year to kick ass with us.

In addition to our annual tradition of a kick ass Christmas card continues, we have this picture of the Duke girls from this year's E3 show (hey, we have a Christmas themed picture of them, we have to use it!).

This year's Christmas card was a limited edition (and numbered) run of 750 cards. The card has four pages, and is a cartoon - the first panel appears below. Click on it to check out the rest of the card - we think it's damn funny, and we hope you will, too! Our Xmas cards from 1999 and 1998 are still online, too.

That's not the only Christmas fun - Remedy also sent us an image to use in our holiday story here. Check out Remedy's 2000 Christmas card cover by clicking here.

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