January 19, 2001

Fake Screenshot Contest Winners!

The Duke Nukem Forever Fake Screenshot has finished, and we've selected the winners! We got some really great shots, so many so, that we had to create a couple of categories. Originally, we were going to have just one winner, but we had some really great ones, and created two categories. The first was "Overall", and the other category was "Funny". The funny ones were just too good to not include in the winners, so we created a 'funny' category. We've also picked three runners up in each category, and have posted them on the contest results page. To check out the runners up, click here.

Here are the two winners of the contest - click on either for a larger image.

Overall Winner
Roy Leviner

shakeitbaby.jpg (539210 bytes)

Funny Winner
David Tomsic

tomsic2.jpg (233162 bytes)

The winners will be notified via email shortly about the prizes. Thanks go out to our forum user Tip, the original inspiration for this contest!

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