January 15, 2001

Stomped Interviews Tim Wilson

As has been the custom for awhile, some gaming news site interviews the latest member of our staff within a week or so of them being announced on our site. This time, the site is Stomped, and this time, the interviewee is Tim Wilson. The interview was your basic stuff in these interviews (How did you get here, how do you feel about Duke, etc.) Tim answers these questions (and others) quite well. Here's a sample:

Stomped: How did you get your current job at 3D Realms?

Wilson: Ho! Ho! That's a good question -- but the answer lacks fanfare, I'm afraid. The entire process was so smooth I had trouble believing I was actually hired. I simply emailed George Broussard a resume and a link to my site. He wrote back with a horde of q's and a request for more samples. My replies were apparently to his liking because he sent me a contract within a few days -- and a Duke Nukem pen to boot. That's the part where I cartwheeled around the room a bit. I consider myself very lucky because they just happened to be looking for a texture artist when I was looking for a gig. Thank the Fates for my Internet connection.

Stomped: What exactly will your responsibilities be for the game?

Wilson: I am in charge of creating world textures galore -- though the mass of textures already in place are above swank, there is much that needs love and attention. That's where I come in; everything can always be better and I'm glad to have a change to up the visual ante. Putting in all those touches that make you feel you'll skin your knee if you fall down on that shit . . . Perpetuating the illusion, suspending that disbelief, etc. Aside from making textures I may do a little skinning and a Multiplayer map or two.

Tim's interview is pretty cool - head on over to Stomped and check it out. Also, make sure and check out Tim's bio page, which went online last week.

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