February 16, 2001

It's Miller Time Again!

Today, the site Eurogamer has posted Part II of their interview with Scott Miller. In the second part, Scott talks more about "The Duke Franchise", as well as some of the Duke3D developers, God/Take 2's acquisition of the Duke games from Infogrames, to his views on where the industry is going. Here's a sample (Scott's talking about the acquisition of publishing rights by Gathering/Take 2):

"Quite simply when Infogrames bought our publisher GT Interactive, they brought a new mindset and working relationship that didn't fit with us very well, so it was agreed by us and Infogrames to part ways. We then contacted several top publishers who we thought would make a great new partner with us, and Take 2 won with the highest bid for the publishing rights. However, this is not for the entire Duke franchise, still entirely owned by 3D Realms, but for the publishing rights to Duke Nukem Forever and the entire back catalog of Duke Nukem games already under the publishing umbrella with Infogrames."

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