February 14, 2001

It's Miller Time!

Today we bring you a couple of interviews with our own Scott Miller. Scott is one of the owners here, and founded the company 14 years ago in his bedroom!

The first is from the site Eurogamer - the article is titled "Reaching Apogee". In it, Scott talks about the early days of the company, the creation of the name "3D Realms", as well as Scott's views on the industry and where's is going. Here's a sample:

Scott did have some reservations about continuing to use the term "first person shooter" though, telling us that "the term FPS is now sorely outdated, because many of the games I listed are not pure shooters, nor are they first-person games. I think we should adopt a better catch-all term like '3D Action', or 3DA for short. A side-benefit of this change would be removing ourselves further from the use of the word 'shooters', which only hurts our industry's reputation."

The second is an article over at Stomped, in which Scott isn't the main focus, but is one of several game industry folks who are quoted in the article. The article, entitled "Not Brought to you by the Letter M" talks about various proposals to restrict where and how "M rated games" can be sold. Here's what Scott had to say about this:

"The problem with the ESRB is that all violent games end up in the M category, but there's a big difference between a game that deserves to be M rated, like Kingpin and Soldier of Fortune, and a game like Unreal Tournament, which shows cartoonish violence and doesn't depict pain and suffering. The ESRB, if it were applied to TV shows, would rate any show with human blood, like ER, with an M rating, but by MPAA standards ER would be more appropriately rated PG-13."

Scott has more to say on this issue, including his thoughts on the creation of a new rating to help address the issue he talks about here. Make sure and check out both of these articles, and you can also hit our Interviews page to look at some past interviews with our staff.

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