March 21, 2001

DNF Programmer Joins Team

A week or two ago, we had posted a job opening for two programmers to join 3D Realms. They were both filled fairly quickly (within 48 hours), and the first of the two programmers has hit 3D Realms headquarters. He stopped in at 3DR HQ long enough to say Hi, and then head back home to pack up his stuff to move here. He had just a minute to fill out a web bio for us, and have his picture taken, you can check that out here.

He's not actually here at the moment, he's still moving - we'll have more on him when he gets back. The other programmer hasn't gotten here yet, but once he's here, we'll post info on him, too.

Posted by Joe Siegler on March 21, 2001 at 3:45 PM | Permalink
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