March 21, 2001

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

A couple of days ago, Gamespot posted a news article about a game called "Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project". Here is the text of their article:

ARUSH Entertainment has announced that it will release Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project this fall. In the game, Duke Nukem will try to save New York City from the evil plans of his original enemy, Dr. Proton. The famous action hero will have to defeat a variety of mutants before taking on the final boss. According to ARUSH, the game will include all of the action and personality that made the Duke Nukem series famous. Players familiar with the previous games in the Duke Nukem series will recognize the humor, weapons, and creatures featured in Manhattan Project. The third-person action-adventure game is currently in development at Sunstorm Interactive, and it will be published episodically over the Internet. The first episode will be available for free download, and each additional episode will be available for a small fee.

There is also a press release about this title available - we have a copy of it here on our web site. Check it out.

As usual, the release date for this game is "When it's done" (despite any predictions you might see in news articles or press releases ). Look to our site soon for more information on this title.

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