April 10, 2001

Duke Nukem "Comics"

Today we bring you a pretty funny link to check out. It's a web site called "This Strife". It's a site run by Peter Bridger, and he makes up some pretty funny Duke Nukem comics.

They're kind of hard to describe, other than funny. I'd never seen this site before, so it was pretty funny to check out. The current strip (as of this writing) is a parody of the new Sims addon "House Party" (mixed with Duke, of course) - the graphic to your right is from the strip. Fans of the Sims should recognize that.

Make sure and check it out - it's pretty damn funny - and some of the humor is 'blue' - perfect for Duke.

Posted by Joe Siegler on April 10, 2001 at 2:45 PM | Permalink
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