August 14, 2001

Back & Ready To Go

From our Webmaster, Joe Siegler.. "Well, as you have seen, not much has happened on our site this past week. The reason for that is I was away on vacation, and as such when you don't have a computer, you can't do anything. Anyway, I'm back today, and after spending a lot of the day plowing through an enormous pile of email, I turned my attention to the new web server. As you've probably noticed, our forums are down - that's because we got completely overwhelmed by server load, and the rather underpowered server died under a level of traffic that would choke a horse. However, our new "mega server" is in, and is right now in the process of being configured. Gotta do all the fiddly stuff like tweak Linux, Apache, etc.. We anticipate it being ready to fly in a few days - we'll have some more updates on that when it's up and ready to go.

While I was away a few things happened - the news stories below cover the major happenings during the past week. Check 'em out."

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