November 10, 2001

A New Batch of Fan Stuff!

Wanted to take this opportunity to say "Oops!" for a Halloween submission. We had this picture sent to us in time for Halloween, and neglected to get it online in time, so we wanted to say a big hi to big Duke fan Jason Savage - all decked out (or is it "Duked" out) in his Duke Nukem costume. Check it out here (you can click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

In other fan news, we've updated our fan stuff section to include the latest submissions (and there's a lot of them). There's some more cool stuff in there this time around, including some ASCII Keen art, a Duke Nukem Nascar car, a kick ass Max Payne wallpaper, as well as tons of new Duke fan art!

Make sure and check out the fan stuff section for a lot of cool items - if you have something to contribute, send it in, and we'll get it online the next time that section is updated! Sorry to those who sent in submissions and thought they were lost - they're not - all our pending submissions are now online. If you sent us something, and it's not here, please resend.

Posted by Joe Siegler on November 10, 2001 at 12:15 PM | Permalink
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