March 29, 2002

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Interview

Gamespy Daily has an interview up with Jim Perkins of Arush. Arush are the folks doing the game "Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project". This interview has lots of good info about the game, such as:

GameSpyDaily: Do you think a lot of people expected this game to be a mere add-on to the Duke Nukem 3D series of products?

Jim Perkins: There were a lot of misconceptions about this game before we started releasing screenshots and other information. Some thought that it was a type of multiplayer online Duke frag-fest, and others thought that it was a console game. I think everyone is starting to realize what this game is all about now, and a lot of people are getting excited.

GameSpyDaily: Besides the usual amount of armaments Duke carries around with him, have you added any new weapons? What's the total weapon count?

Jim Perkins: There are 9 weapons in the game, with a nice mix of old and new. The G.L.O.P.P. Ray is a very cool weapon, similar to the Shrink Ray of old. Shooting a couple of bursts of G.L.O.P.P. at its target, this weapon will de-mutate enemies back into their original form (rats, alligators, pigs, etc.) Duke can then crush them under the heel of his Mighty Boot. Of course, Duke's new Assault Rifle will mow down enemies like a PETA member attacking a salad bar.

NOTE: The site does not exist anymore. However, the information that was on that site has been replicated on our own site, you can visit this page to see that same information.

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