March 12, 2002

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Website Launches!

The latest to be announced Duke Nukem game, "Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project" has had it's official web site launched. Now available at - you can check out details on this forthcoming Duke Nukem game from ARUSH & 3D Realms.

What is Duke Nukem Manhattan Project? Full details are forthcoming, but in the words of Donald from ARUSH, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is..

Think Duke I and II, in a fully 3D environment with the wit and sarcasm of Duke 3D. Or at least that's what we're shooting for.

We will have more info on Manhattan Project available shortly. In the meantime, visit the Official Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project website for some screenshots, wallpaper images, and other goodies!

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

NOTE: The site does not exist anymore. However, the information that was on that site has been replicated on our own site, you can visit this page to see that same information.

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