March 1, 2002

Take Two One Two Three

Take 2 has pulled off a very cool feat, currently holding the first, second, and third place spots on the sales charts - they're the first publisher ever to do that all at once, and Max Payne is one of the three! Check out this news blurb about this coolness...
Take 2 Interactive blasts in at Number One, Number Two and Number Three in the Playstation 2 charts!

With the newly released State of Emergency going straight in at NUMBER ONE, Chart Track today confirmed that Take 2 Interactive is the FIRST EVER software publisher to hold the TOP THREE POSITIONS in the Playstation 2 chart.

�This is an OUTSTANDING achievement for State of Emergency and Take 2 Interactive, with Grand Theft Auto 3 and Max Payne teaming up alongside such a highly anticipated title. We are very proud to be the FIRST publisher to achieve this overwhelming result� enthused Serhad Koro - Sales and Marketing Director.

The arrival of State of Emergency, straight in at NUMBER ONE, proves it to be the ULTIMATE beat em up on the Playstation 2. Boasting more than two hundred characters on the screen at any one time, it is a totally original adult game, providing gamers with a unique and thrilling gaming experience.

Take 2 are looking forward to more success in the very near future, with strong franchises including MAX PAYNE X Box, GRAND THEFT AUTO 3 PC, MAFIA PC and DUKE NUKEM ADVANCE GBA. With well-focused plans and creative titles, this is just the beginning for Take 2, in what has already started with an unprecedented performance.

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