September 14, 2004

A New Port Of Duke Nukem 3D

3D Realms stopped working directly on Duke Nukem 3D for quite some time ago - the last update we released to it was in December of 1996. However, since then, the fans have kept the game going both with maps, websites, and many other related items. Not that long ago, we released the source code to Duke Nukem 3D, and many great ports have popped up (including JonoF's Windows port of Duke 3D).

Anyway, we were just told about a new one, this one being for the Pocket PC. You check out this link which gives some information on how to download and use the port.

As a reminder, 3D Realms does not support the use of any port derived from our source code release - we're just mentioning these things here for folks who might not know about them, and would find them of use.

UPDATE @ 3:25PM: This afternoon Charlie Wiederhold checked into this, and he got it running on his Pocket PC. He did also say that if you want to get this running on the link provided, you should scroll down that thread a bit, as he needed information that was not in the start of the thread to get it going.

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