September 14, 2004

Physics Code Chosen for Duke Nukem Forever

We have many news items to cover today, so we'll just get to it. The biggest one of the day is about Duke Nukem Forever. No, it's not finished, but there is some news available about it.

As has been reported in several places on the Internet over the last day or so, an announcement was made yesterday that the Meqon Game Dynamics SDK has been purchased by us for use in Duke Nukem Forever. Meqon put out a press release regarding this yesterday on their site (which crashed from all the net traffic that got sent their way). Here's a copy of the press release:

3D Realms buys physics for Duke Nukem Forever
27th of September, 2004

Meqon is glad to announce that 3D Realms have decided to buy our Meqon Game Dynamics SDK for their upcoming title Duke Nukem Forever.

Meqon�s product strategy has always been to create the most easy to use and flexible physics engine on the market, but without compromising the computational speed. George Broussard, CEO of 3DRealms comments � �We evaluated several physics SDK's and Meqon was really fast, had the cleanest interface and integrated into our game very quickly.�

The Meqon Game Dynamics SDK does not only handle basic rigid body simulation but also contain highly advanced character and vehicle modules. Mr Broussard comments � �With its advanced feature set, we feel confident that Meqon's next generation physics engine can help us create the next generation of action games.�

It's being discussed on our forums right now in this thread (plus these two as well). 3D Realms President George Broussard has weighed in on the announcement in these threads, so if you're interested in the latest, you should check 'em out.

Furthermore, there is an interview online with Marcus Lysen, CMO of Meqon about their game technology, and this announcement. Make sure to check that out over at HomeLAN Fed.

UPDATE Aug 2006: The various links from this story have been removed as they were all no longer valid due to age.

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