May 19, 2005

More Prey E3 Coverage

More folks have seen the Prey demo running at E3, and have chimed in with some comments. This afternoon's batch comes from:

Shacknews: In their review, Shacknews says that Prey "..appears poised to be an impressive and successful PC and Xbox 360 title." Here's some more of what they had to say:

Those worried about the loss of Portal Technology need to fear not. During the demo, a door-shaped structure rose from out of the floor. It showed a completely another room with a huge beast walking past. Jumping through it, you drop in front of the goliath and are quickly under fire. The entire transition was seamless and incredibly slick.

The demo also showed what happens when killed in combat. The character's body becomes suspended in a sort of spirit world in a setting very similar to that of World of Warcraft when dead; the environment is dark and foggy with other threatening spirits running about. While in this world, killing creatures with the bow and arrow rejuvenates your corpse and after a few kills, you're back in the think of the action.

Gamespy: Gamespy had this to say about Prey in their review.. "Prey seems to have the potential to distinguish itself from the crowd of other shooters." Here's some more...

The portals also served as gateways to various parts of the game world, with creatures able to run back and forth between them, with gravity and perspective sometimes switching drastically from one side to another.

The highlight of the gravity tech demo was a tiny spherical planetoid floating inside a massive chamber. The player ran around the surface of the planetoid, the curved surface of which defined the ground.

IGN Impressions: IGN had a glowing review of the E3 demo they saw. Here's a bunch of what they said...

The biggest surprise of the day, which might be the only real surprise considering how this show is going so far, is that Prey was a whole lot cooler than I had anticipated. It makes awesome use of the DOOM 3 engine and creates some truly unique environments.

The demo was really just full of moments that made me say "wow"

Perhaps the moment where Tommy walked past a portal in space only to see a gigantic creature on the other side, entered and angered the beast only to have it freak out and shoot two high powered machine guns at him also deserves some recognition. Not only was the monster pretty freaking big and detailed, but it also seemed to have some pretty decent AI, dodging and attacking the entire time. AI in general seemed more complex than DOOM 3 as well.

Finally we have this image. It's part of a gigantic banner that's hanging in the lobby of the show (aka the LA Convention Center). Anyone wanting to enter E3 will see this, and if you click on this small thumbnail, you'll see a larger image. This same poster was also featured on the Tuesday night edition of G4TV's E3 coverage.

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