May 18, 2005

Prey E3 Coverage

The annual sensory overload that is E3 is in full swing. There's some good Prey news coming out of Los Angeles, so let's get right to it.

Hi-Res Screenshots: Voodoo Extreme@IGN has some hi-res screenshots available. Some appeared in the PC Gamer article, some haven't. Either way, there's some screenshot goodness over there at VE. Check it out.

Concept Art: If concept art is your thing, then you definitely want to check out this link over at IGN. They have some tasty concept sketches and art for you, as well as some more screenshots!

E3 Live Videocast: Gamespot has some good info on Prey, as well as Remedy's new title, Alan Wake in their E3 coverage. Check it out - it's the 11AM Wednesday videocast.

Gamespot E3 Review: Gamespot also has a really good review of the game after having seen the Prey demo at the ATI booth. Here's a few samples from the full review, which has plenty of detail on the game.

The weapons are just part of Prey's unusual design. What's really wild about the game is how it uses direction, gravity, and portals to surprise you, disorient you, and impress you.

Some other really crazy levels featured sensors that could be shot to cause the level to literally turn upside down.

We came away from the Prey demo quite impressed with what was shown.

We'll have more as we get it.

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