May 12, 2005

Prey Q&A

The reaction to the Prey announcement in late April has been really good! Of course, when you announce something, the first thing people want is more information, so we're here to let you know about some. Over at Gamespot is a Prey article that is part of their E3 coverage. They talk three guys behind the scenes of Prey. They are our own Scott Miller, and Chris Rhinehart (project lead), and Timothy Gerritsen (CEO) of Human Head. They talk about a number of topics. Some of them include why Prey was revived, why 3D Realms chose to work with Human Head on the title, what some of the game character elements are, and of course, "portals" (amongst other topics). Here's a sample:

GS: What can you tell us about the plans for Prey's multiplayer, if any? Could you discuss what modes, or any other unique features, are planned for multiplayer?

TG and CR: The focus of the game is on the single-player experience. However, we've included a multiplayer component that focuses on showcasing the environmental and gameplay features introduced in the single-player game. We'll be introducing these features and how they are used in multiplayer as we get closer to release.

GS: And hopefully this next question isn't too presumptuous. But why was Human Head Studios chosen as the developer for Prey?

SM: George [Broussard] and I met the Human Head crew when we were both making games for Gathering of Developers in the late '90s. We were impressed by their game Rune, and we developed a friendship with several of their key people. The second coming of Prey actually began at the very tail end of Gathering's existence, just after Human Head had wrapped up Rune and was looking for a new project. George and I were convinced they were the best team for this project because of their own creative capabilities.

If you're interested in Prey, it's a good interview, so head over to Gamespot and check it out! As an added bonus, there's a couple of screenshots in the article, too. :)

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