June 3, 2005

Official Prey Video Now Available!

The past week or so has brought plenty of Prey coverage, and one thing people have asked for is an official release of the video that was shown at E3. Well, today we're here to bring you that. Available now for your download is the 11.5 minute video that was shown at the 2005 E3 show. It's available in a couple of formats. First is the traditional downloadable file. This 184Mb video download is available from these places right now.

* Fileshack
* Fileplanet
* 3D Gamers
* Filefront
* Worth Downloading

Are you tired of waiting in line at some download sites for your file? Then you might want to check this option out - you can also get the video from Game xStream. This system which was recently announced as being the official online distribution system for Prey also has the video available for you to watch in a streaming format, and no waiting in line. :) If you sign up now, you'll get the files for free. You'll definitely want to check that out if you haven't done so already.

Posted by Joe Siegler on June 3, 2005 at 12:00 PM | Permalink
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