June 6, 2005

Prey Wins Awards!

The reception to the Prey footage that's been making the rounds recently has been fantastic. Folks are loving it! But that's not all - people who are handing out E3 awards have been loving Prey, too. We've got two awards Prey has won from the recent E3 show.

First is Game Revolutions' "Best Comeback" award. GR had this to say about Prey..

"Prey somehow managed to escape its vaporware destiny thanks to the crew at Human Head studios, who managed to bring it back to life and dress it in all kinds of new, groovy effects. Frankly, it was the coolest first-person shooter at the show."

Second we have the "Best Shooter" award from Games Domain. Here's what GD had to say about Prey..

Back (quite literally) from the dead, this 3D Realms shooter was cancelled in the '90s. What we saw at E3, though, was most definitely a game of 2005. Or possibly 2006. Shooters with realistic physics are ten a penny these days, but Prey deliberately twists and subverts the law of gravity to produce environments that aren't like anything else we've ever seen.

If you haven't already done so, check out the Official Prey video footage released last Friday to catch your glimpse of this award winning title!

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