August 10, 2005

I want my PreyTV!

Prey previews are turning up all over the place. Today's preview comes from of all places, which tells you to "Start Preyin". Prey is currently the featured game in their "Peep Show" preview section, which leads off with this text:

Native American mysticism meets alien-abduction horror in Prey, the best looking first-person shooter to grace your Xbox 360 screen since, well, ever. Slip on the moccasins of Cherokee auto mechanic, Tommy, board an oozing, pulsing alien mothership, and give the evil scum a taste of the same medicine your brethren served Custer.

Their preview includes an exclusive trailer to the MTV site, as well as three other Prey videos. There's also some screenshots and concept art, as well as some text about the game.

Head on over to the games site and check it out. It's currently the featured game on their Peep Show Section, if you read this after the story has been posted for a few days, you might need to manually select the game, look in the lower right hand corner of the screen for their "All Peep Shows" directory.

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