August 9, 2005

New Prey Preview at Gamespot

This morning brings us a very cool preview of Prey over at Gamespot. In their three page preview, they cover a lot of the game, from the various powers that lead character Tommy can achieve, to the world the game is played in, to how things seen in the E3 2005 video tie into the overall game. It's a very detailed preview, and definitely worth your time to read, even if you've checked out all the other Prey previews that have been posted online.

Here's some bits from the preview...

You'll also encounter alien technology that creates gravity fields on walls and ceilings, so you can expect to be running sideways and upside down while fighting off hostile alien life-forms so that you can rescue the girl and get back home (or whatever is left of home).

Considering that the game is being developed with production assistance from Duke Nukem creator 3D Realms, you may not be surprised to hear that it will have fully interactive environments.

You'll find yourself in situations that recall artist M.C. Escher's infamous painting Relativity (a study in geometry that depicts people walking up and down stairways on the walls and ceilings of a house), just with more upside-down aliens shooting at you.

Tommy will need just about every tool at his disposal to make his way through the ship safely, since he'll be up against a great variety of alien enemies, and not just possessed 8-year-olds, but also gun-toting grunts, cowardly soldier aliens that carry energy shields, and even huge, humanoid monstrosities that cause the ground to shake with a single step.

Prey's single-player game should offer innovative gameplay, a comprehensive story and characters, and cutting-edge Doom III engine graphics.

Gamespot also has five new screenshots scattered throughout the pages of the preview. But one of the bigger bonuses here is a video interview with both Tim Gerritsen & Chris Rhinehart of Human Head where they talk about Prey directly - so you can hear it straight from the developer's mouths!

This is an extremely good preview, and definitely worth your time. You can check it out over at Gamespot here.

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