February 2, 2006

Day 4 of 1up's Prey Coverage

Today is Thursday, time to bring you the next installment in 1up's Week of Prey coverage. Today's article is entitled "Better Man", and it focuses on the single player aspect of Prey. There's plenty of detail as to how the story is intertwined with the action, how various parts of the game are introduced to you, and just tons of detail. Let's get to the quotes:

From what was on display here, there is every reason to hope that its one-two punch of design and story will deliver a knockout.

[Tim] Gerritsen says it was important not to, "throw it in your face all the time that he's Cherokee. That would cheapen the experience; that would cheapen the character." It also allows Tommy to be more of a real person than simply an icon in a game.

Before you get too concerned that this devolves into a standard, sappy love story or some sort of preachy, philosophical thing, don't be. "This is still a first-person shooter," Gerritsen makes sure to emphasize, "All of that is completely secondary to the fact that this is an action first-person shooter."

One of the most interesting weapons is a leech gun that draws power from nodes around the ship. Depending on the node, you get different projectiles/effects. For instance, a bright white node turned out to be a freeze power-up whereas a bright red one provided a rapid-fire machine gun.

In addition to the really meaty single player stuff, there's also a secondary video interview with Chris Rhinehart in which he talks about single player gameplay. You'll definitely want to check all of this out over at http://prey.1up.com.

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