February 3, 2006

Final day of 1up's Prey Coverage

Today is Friday, and 1up has posted the fifth and final entry in their Week of Prey Coverage. This one is entitled "Come Out and Play", and focuses on the multiplayer aspects of the game. Yesterday's article was about the single player side of things, so it makes sense that today's article would be about multiplayer. Let's get to a bit of what they had to say:

it feels like the designers have hit on a good balance of manic disorientation and playability. You can imagine that their first inclination might have been to see just how insane a level you could create. From playing in these three levels it seems pretty clear that going that route would have just created an infuriating mess. But to help soothe any concerns that they held back, the last word that will come to your mind in describing them is restrained.

With live opponents, Prey quickly becomes one of the most seriously intense games of cat-and-mouse around. In a way, multiplayer may live up to the title of "Prey" better than single-player.

That could be the most fitting vindication for the return of Prey a decade after its inception -- rediscovering the simple pleasure of a good online frag fest.

In addition, there's a little side article in this about the Xbox 360 version of Prey and how it will be released at the same time as the PC version. Venom Games in the UK are handling the 360 port, and a little of the work that is going into the 360 version is covered here as well. As has been the case with the other days in the series, there has been a video with the article. This one (shockingly :)) is about multiplayer, and shows some multiplayer Prey being played. You'll definitely want to check that out.

This is the final day of this series, and as such, there is a little extra article called "Parting Shots", which talks about (in their words) "two dudes reminiscing about what once was, and what could be". It's Dan Harnett and James Mielke talking about Prey's past and future, as well as a bit about Duke Nukem Forever.

This was an absolutely wonderful series covering all aspects of Prey from top to bottom, and if you haven't been keeping up with all of it, you should go back and start reading all of it from the top. You can reach the main page of this article at 1up's site here: http://prey.1up.com. Thanks to 1up for giving the fans such a good week.

We expect to see more Prey goodness appearing online soon from other gaming news sites, too. ;)

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