February 7, 2006

Plenty More Prey Previews

Yes, the floodgates have most definitely opened. In addition to the 7 Prey previews we posted last night, this morning brings three more of them. You'll want to check them out, too. This time the previews are from Boomtown, Total Videogames, and Yahoo! Gaming.

Check 'em out:

1) Boomtown

The weapons on offer are biological in nature rather than simply being mechanical. For example little starfish like crawlers are explosive, pull off their legs and throw them like grenades. Or leave a few legs on them and they become sticky bombs.

Prey starts well, we watch through Tommy’s eyes as he, his girlfriend and grandfather are transported through the alien spaceship on a monorail conveyer. It’s reminiscent of the train ride at the beginning of Half-Life, albeit this time we’ve much more gore.

Now onto the multiplayer and I can report that it’s really good fun.

So far Prey is looking like it's going to be a solid first-person shooter with a few novel twists.

2) Total Videogames

Prey is shaping up to offer a first-person-shooter experience quite unlike any other.

Additionally Tommy can also make use of Spirit mode, which promises to be the game's biggest innovation along with Wall-Walking when it comes to puzzles and level designs.

Prey continues to distance itself from other first-person-shooters when it comes to health pick-up's; instead of the traditional first-aid kit or the increasingly popular wait and heal system, Prey features certain spots on the ground which replenish health when Tommy is near. The crucial difference comes from the fact that the enemy can make use of these as well, and as such there's a new dynamic on the action whereby you'll want to make sure the enemy don't steal health away from you and make the encounter much more difficult.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is just how much they've thought about level designs, a skill seemingly forgot in some modern first-person-shooters.

3) Yahoo! Videogames

Prey takes the traditional multiplayer deathmatch and turns it on its ear.

By putting the walls and ceilings into play, the developers can take a standard-sized deathmatch map and make it feel a lot larger.

Perhaps the craziest [multiplayer] level we played featured the spherical gravity at work. This level takes place on a huge spheroid divided up by rooms and hallways. If you could run in a straight line, you would eventually return to where you began, so it's essentially a small planetoid.

Prey should also sound pretty good (at least, to older gamers) thanks to a soundtrack filled with Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest, and Heart.

The production values are first-rate and the multiplayer is fast and furious. This is definitely the game to keep an eye on if you're a shooter fan.

More previews as they come in...

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