February 8, 2006

Pretty Please, More Prey Previews!

Another day, another batch of Prey previews. Today we're bringing you some more previews, bringing the total batch we've posted in the last 3 days to 15, and that doesn't even include the series from last week by 1up. Anyway, today's batch includes Voodoo Extreme, Games Radar, Totally 360, Next Generation, and a series followup by 1up. I'm sure you don't want to hear me jabber on with more bad puns or phrases with the letter "P" in them, so we'll just get to the picked pack of plentiful Prey previews.... ;)

1) Games Radar Preview

Prey is stuffed with crazy ideas, from the living world you're in to the supernatural powers of your characters.

Our time romping through the game's astonishing sci-fi environments reveals a shooter of considerable promise.

The levels themselves are striking in their organic, pulsing nature - the ship is not only alive but sentient, paying you more attention as you progress.

The modified Doom III engine, the best thing around at Prey's 2001 inception but since surpassed, does not hold Prey back. It looks astonishing.

2) Totally 360 Preview

The first thing that struck us was when you get your hands on Prey's single player and multiprey is that they are both pretty amazing! You must experience Prey in full to really appreciate and get a real understanding of the sophisticated game play mechanics that are put to use.

Prey's Multiprey introduces you to dynamic and well thought-out multiplayer experience encapsulating multiplayer fun as gamers around the world will really experience what it's like to hang from ceilings stalking your opponents as they run around anxiously on the ground below you.

During the presentation we played a number of gravity defying levels and we noticed in Prey's Multiprey it will be near-enough impossible to camp, great news for gamers anxious to really engage in Multiplayer battles online.

To give you an idea of what you’ll be facing in Prey in the months to come let us make the following example: What do you get if you blend a highly modified Doom 3 Engine, with the remarkable Unreal Engine 2? Something pretty close to Prey… The wait is going to be well worth it, of course when it’s done…

3) Voodoo Extreme Preview

You can never completely die. Even if you opt to be a total lazy bastard during the Death Walk, you'll pop back into the real world with enough health to get by. Enemies will typically move away from your body or turn their back on you after killing you to give you a little breathing room when you return.

The Leech gun is the BFG9000 of Prey. You get it, use it, things die in fun and exciting ways.

The developers were very adamant about their removal of reloading. Partly because it's one less key to bind, and partly because it streamlines the game a little more.

The developers wanted to focus on the single player aspect of the game, so instead of stretching themselves thin on too many crappy gameplay types for multi player, they stuck to the basics. You like deathmatch? Good. Team deathmatch? Better. Capture the Flag, Assault, etc? Too bad.

Prey looks like it could be a big hit when it's released sometime mid year for both PC and Xbox 360.

4) Next Generation Q&A with Chris Rhinehart

Q: Do you think the pretty screenshots may lead some gamers to think this game is all looks?

A: Actually, when we first put up screenshots, we had a lot of people commenting that it looked like Doom 3. I don't know why that has a bad connotation, because I thought Doom 3 was a fantastic-looking game. When we brought out the E3 video, we wanted to show all the sorts of gameplay that showed what makes us different, that we have all this unique stuff and are really pushing things. Of course, there is some concern, because it is a really crowded market. But, the main thing that we knew we had was 3D Realms' muscle.

Q: What about the Revolution? Would Human Head be interested in developing for that system?

A: I'm not going to rule that out. It is pretty interesting. I'm really, really curious to see what they do when they unveil it and actually start showing off a lot more games and let people get hands-on with it. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out, especially with the weird little first-person-shooter controller gizmo that they have.

Q: What's up with the Cherokee in space storyline?

A: The story is one of those things that really evolved throughout the game's design. From the original version of Prey to the Human Head version, really the only main thing that came across in terms of story are the fact that the main character is Native American who is abducted by aliens and wants to rescue his girlfriend.

5) 1up's Prey Post Portem

This one isn't really a Prey Preview, it's a followup to the series 1up ran last week. Garnet Lee from 1up.com sent me this link and said, "It's our Production Artist's blog and she goes through the evolution of the Prey cover and all the prototypes we worked up.". Check this one out too, if you didn't see it, you definitely want to check out Prey's Week of Prey Coverage.

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