March 29, 2006

Inside Prey with Computer Games Magazine

As you can see by the image to your right, Computer Games Magazine has a cover article on Prey. This is the May 2006 edition of the magazine, and is now hitting subscribers' mailboxes, and should be on stands now.

Computer Games Magazine author Tom Chick has written a piece entitled "Ghost World" about Prey. He has a somewhat lengthy subtitle for the article which does a nice job of summing up the game. That is..

"Aliens and Natives
Organic & Steel
Upside Down, Inside Out, and Dead-Alive
The Many Paradoxes of Prey".

In all, it's an eight page spread including several screenshots not released before. It's got gobs of information on the game. Here's a few choice quotes:

  • "The first thing you see when Prey starts is a view of someone talking to you about what a loser you are. Wait - that's you, looking at yourself in the mirror. It's a sort of teaser for the way Human Head plays with perspective throughout the game."
  • "The aliens suck up bits of the bar, while the jukebox plays Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper". You can bet the jukebox will be back - 3D Realms didn't license music from Ted Nugent, Judas Priest, & Heart for nothing."
  • "Human Head has taken this concept (portals) to some brain twisting lengths. In addition to glowing dimensional portals floating in midair, there are boxes that tip over to reveal new rooms inside."
  • "We want to avoid that shelf moment, when the game goes back on the shelf and you leave it there."
  • "Combat should be filler between memorable bits. No one remembers a game as 'So I turned the corner and fought these guys'."

There's plenty of other goodness for you to check out. Some you've heard about, some you have not, including a few screenshots never seen before. If you're not a subscriber to Computer Games Magazine, then you'll definitely want to head to your local newsstand and grab a copy of the May 2006 edition of Computer Games Magazine today!

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