March 29, 2006

The Duke and I

In addition to their Prey cover story, Computer Games Magazine (in their May 2006 issue) had a small piece on Duke Nukem Forever, which they titled "The Duke and I". Here's some small quotes from George Broussard from this piece:

  • 3D Realms' trademark sense of humor is still intact. "Duke is a man's man. He drinks He smokes. He enjoys women. Every other game that comes out is World War II or dead serious. Duke is about being the ultimate alien ass kicker".
  • "We've been tech complete for a year. The last year has been making the game, putting the pieces together."

There are no screenshots with the article, but there is some more Duke goodness there for you to check out. Don't want to give away all the good bits here in this story (there's a cool bit where Tom Chick from CGM was asked for his email address).

Oh, and as usual, "When it's done".

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