March 10, 2006

Prey is "Worth Playing"

Another day, another Prey preview. This time we have one from the gaming site "Worth Playing". This one talks about the usual suspects, single player, the Cherokee influence on the title, Wallwalking, all the cool stuff you've been reading about. Check out what Worth Playing has to say about Prey:

"Prey strives to deliver the rise of a hero through the conduit of a fantastic voyage aboard a ship that's a living entity."

"Beginning with the engine and environment, Prey pulls some smooth moves and some fast tricks to create the user experience. Conceiving the environment as a living ship allows Prey to have a very organic look, which not only allows for a different appearance, but also enables a great deal more creativity in the design, threats, assets, and functions throughout the game."

"The Spirit Walk is truly something to behold. Tommy takes ethereal form, just like Talon, leaving his body behind to venture forth only with a Spirit Bow as a weapon."

"Taking Wall Walking into multiplayer action is where the sweet spot of Prey truly lies. One level we got our hands on was like being in the midst of an M.C. Escher drawing, with almost all of the walls turned on."

"The day of a 3D compartmentalized structure is attacked by Prey, as gamers will be forced to grasp both space and gravity in an environment where "top" and "bottom" will be difficult, if not impossible, to identify."

Make sure and check out the full preview over at today!

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