March 7, 2006

The Art of Prey

If you're a subscriber to the Official Xbox Magazine, then you have a treat headed towards your mailbox. The newest issue of that magazine is hitting subscribers' mailboxes now (the April 2006 issue), and there are two Prey segments on the disc.

The first is a photo gallery called "The Art of Prey". This is a screenshot collection which has about 30 shots which are a mix of screenshots as well as concept art. In addition to that is a video feature on Prey. It's a a video interview with Chris Rhinehart of Human Head in which he talks about Prey. The interview is also intermixed with plenty of game footage, too!

Here's what the magazine has to say about the interview...

Take a look at the gravity bending upcming Xbox 360 shooter Prey in a special video feature where we take you inside developer Human Head's studio in frosty Madison, Wisconsin. The game is much hotter than the weather!

If you're not a subscriber to the magazine, then you should head out to your local newsstand and pick up a copy of the April 2006 edition of the Official Xbox Magazine to get plenty of Prey 360 goodness!

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