April 25, 2006

Duke Nukem Forever Someday

Duke Nukem Forever FoxTrotToday brings some rather funny news; we were mentioned in today's FoxTrot comic strip. In this entry, Bill mentions Duke Nukem Forever as a reason for one of the characters (Jason) to buy an iFruit (the FoxTrot nickname for one of the new Macs that runs Windows). As usual, the toon is darn funny. Check it out by clicking on the thumbnail.

Thanks again to Bill for the mention! You can read more info about FoxTrot either at it's official site here, or over at Wikipedia.

UPDATE Wed 4/26: A couple of us wrote to Bill saying we enjoyed the strip, and Bill Amend wrote back to Charlie Wiederhold, and said this:

"Thanks. Fun to hear from you.

Of course, given how chronically late I am with my strips, I'm probably the last guy who should be poking fun at slow-to-ship games. Hope it's going okay.

Bill Amend"

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