April 28, 2006

Prey Pre-Order Details Released

Early on Friday morning, 2K Games issued a press release with all the details on how to pre-order Prey and what will be included in the Limited Collector's Edition version. Here's a summary:

Prey will come in both a standard and "Limited Collector's Edition" version for both the PC & Xbox 360. If you pre-order any version, you'll get the Mutate pewter figure. If you pre-order the LCE edition, you'll get a lot more stuff - full details are in the press release. The PC LCE version will be DVD only. The standard PC version will be CD.

The full press release, including details of what is in the Collector's Edition Package is available online right here. We will have some good pictures of all three figurines (Mutate, Tommy & Hunter) at some point on Friday afternoon the 28th.

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