May 10, 2006

E3 2006 Prey Trailer

If you have an Xbox 360, you should go to it right now. In the Xbox Live Marketplace is a new Prey Trailer. It is under the name of "E3 06: Prey Trailer". This is a new trailer, not having been seen anywhere else. Once we get more information on availability of said trailer outside of the Xbox 360 Marketplace, we'll have more information on that.

But for now, head to your Xbox 360 and download this new E3 trailer. This is part of Microsoft's "Xbox Live: E3 Bringing it Home" program. They have tons of other trailers avialable now on your 360 besides Prey. But you should go download the Prey trailer first. :)

The trailer offers these quotes about the game..

  • "Doom 3 hiked the bar.. Prey may transform the bar altogether." -
  • "Prey looks like one of the best first person shooters of the year." - IGN

UPDATE MAY 12: The video is starting to show up elsewhere on the net after originally being on the Xbox Live 360 Marketplate. Here's some links you can grab it from. Unfortunately, most of the people who would post this on their sites are at E3, and aren't as quick to respond to video requests at the moment. :)

UPDATE MAY 13: You can now view the video streaming on our site through Google Video below.

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