May 9, 2006

Prey Soundtrack Released

DirectSong, the world's first official game music expansion service offers a musical experience you won't forget! Spanning across two full volumes, Jeremy Soule's monumental score from 3D Realms' and Human Head Studios' Prey is now available. Long awaited and highly anticipated, Prey sets the stage for the ultimate gaming experience. With Prey, DirectSong's British Academy Award-winning team explode out of the Fantasy genre and into the world of Sci-Fi Action-Adventure. The game's beautifully developed orchestral score turns FPS conventions upside down - the likes of which you'll only find in Hollywood's biggest blockbuster hits!

DirectSong is proud to present the Prey original soundtracks at a sample rate of 320kbps. This is in response to an overwhelming demand by fans for the highest possible fidelity delivery of Jeremy Soule's symphonic scores. This exceeds the sample rate found at iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster ensuring an unparalleled listening experience!

Scott Miller of 3D Realms has this to say about the soundtrack.. "The three-hours of original scoring in Prey elevates it to a Hollywood blockbuster level. I couldn't be happier with the final result, as Prey has become a far more enriched, emotional experienced from start to finish. We will definitely be working with DirectSong in the future."

You can get your copy of the Soundtrack right now, by heading over to the DirectSong website.

Jeron Moore, who was the producer of the material, chimed in on our forums with some details about the soundtrack and it's production. You can view that post here, where he talks about various aspects of the soundtrack's release. Here's a quote from Jeron talking about the music:

Personally, I think the music in Prey eclipses all music to-date in the FPS genre. In fact, the classification "First Person Shooter" does Prey no favors. Prey is a First Class, Cinematic First Person-Action Game. Those who decide to take the leap and explore the music of the game in its full glory will experience this impression first hand.

And as an added bonus, we have some images for you - they're small versions of CD art for the two Prey soundtrack CD's on DirectSong. When you buy these CD's, you will receive a pdf with higher quality images from DirectSong pre-formatted for you to print the art and create a CD insert.

Prey Soundtrack Volume #1:

Prey Soundtrack Volume #2:

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