May 4, 2006

The Music of Prey

A lot has been made of the atmosphere and environments of Prey. A large part of that atmosphere is the music in the game, and we're here to draw your attention to a great article published last night over at IGN. This is an article by Jeremy Soule entitled "The Music of Prey". In this article, Jeremy talks about writing the music, and how he feels it adds so much to the overall game experience.

If that wasn't enough, the entire six minute Prey Overture as well as a full song from the Prey Soundtrack are also available over at IGN. The song is "Take Me Home" by the band "After Midnight Project".

This is a great read which will give you some insight into a part of game design that you might not otherwise be aware of. Definitely go check it out over at IGN today! But before you do that, here's a few quotes from the article:

Much like in Half Life 2, there are scripted and epic events in Prey. The game is just loaded with content. Tommy (the main character) has a very simple objective but his struggle is very complex. The landscape shifts, the storyline makes hidden twists and turns. Music was needed to help make sense of everything because of the emotional impact of the game's visuals and story.

There's just something about having the senses be fully embraced when you're playing a game. After all, our brains want stimulation and we will often logically pay good money to have a great gaming experience. Music is just one component but it's an often overlooked and very important part of a game's experience.

People want a whole experience, not just a fancy rendering engine and a $50 price tag. As the bar continues to be raised, the main questions in game development will be more directly connected to entertainment value ideals rather than obscure mathematical achievements.

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