May 1, 2006

New Prey Gameplay Trailer Released

Available now on Gamespot is a new Prey trailer which is being released as part of the "Prey Countdown to Release" video series. This new video totals 3:23 in length, and is teeming with gameplay footage. Of course, if you don't want to see that, and want to experience the gameplay for yourself when you buy the game, then you'll want to skip this.

But it does look cool - and it sounds.. awww you don't want to listen to me. Go to Gamespot and check out the video. It is listed on their page as the "Official Prey Trailer #3". If you're a Gamespot Complete member, you can download a 133Mb HD version of the video, too! If you're not a member, you can still check out and download the video. Go! ;)

UPDATE MONDAY MAY 1: Here are some more links where you can download the video. If you are a gaming website and wish to be on this list, please [email protected]. Thanks. These links are all the 130Mb Super High Quality version unless otherwise specified.

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