June 21, 2006

Exclusive Gamespot Demo Preview Video Available

As we count down the hours till the Prey release later tonight, we wanted to make you aware of an exclusive new video just posted over at the Gamespot site. Available here now, this video, totaling 10 minutes and 48 seconds is an interview with Chris Rhinehart of Human Head.

In it, Chris talks about various aspects of the Prey Demo, and the thoughts that went behind various aspects of designing the demo. Chris shows off some of the game play in the demo itself, running through a few parts of it. Chris goes into some of the weapons in the demo, and how Tommy acclimates himself to the Alien environment. Chris also talks about how the authentic Cherokee nature of the character impacts the game.

This is a new video, it hasn't been posted before, and is only available at Gamespot. So head on over there to check it out right now. Although, some of the stuff Chris talks about is spoilerish for the demo, too - so be warned. :) But Chris does go into detail on various modes of the game, and it's nice to hear from the game's developer the thoughts behind some of the various modes.

Come back later tonight for the long awaited Prey demo!

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