June 20, 2006

Prey Demo Almost Here!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the Prey demo will be available this coming Thursday. It's a moment that is both exciting for us, as it's a major point in the completion of the game. It's also scary as it's that moment where you always wonder "will they like it?" Anyway, the demo will world premiere at Gamespot on Thursday the 22nd at 12:01AM EST. (That's -5 GMT for those of us not in the US).

Gamespot will have the demo first, so if you want it the fastest, you should check out the Gamespot Prey demo page by clicking on the graphic below.

Now Gamespot won't be the only place to get the demo, but they will be the first, and will be ready immediately upon the game's release Thursday morning. We will have a list of alternate download sites available once the game is out, please check back after the Gamespot premiere for further details.

While you wait these last few hours for the Prey demo, we have a review of the Prey Demo for you to read. The site Firing Squad has posted a preview of the Prey Demo. Here's a quote from them about their preview:

This article will give you some impressions of the single player demo along with what is contained in the multiplayer portion as well (two deathmatch-team deathmatch levels will also be included). Since everyone else will get to play this demo very soon I will not be giving away everything I saw or did in the demo version, and the screenshots of the demo that accompany this preview only show the first two of the five levels in the demo. We'd rather not spoil all the fun.

Their preview does give away bits of what you see in the demo, so at this point with less than two days to go until you can check out the demo yourself, if you want to remain totally unspoiled, you may wish to skip the preview. For those who don't care about that, then by all means check it out. They do have this to say about the demo overall, though:

If the rest of Prey's single player campaign is as entertaining and unique as the demo's first five levels, the long, long wait for this title may be worth it.

And finally, you'll want to check out these images. They're the final revision of the box art for Prey for the PC (standard version) & the Xbox 360. These will differ a little from what you see in the stores, as the one on your store shelf will have quotes from reviews of the games, but those have not been included here. Otherwise, these are what you'll see in the store.

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