July 11, 2006

Interview with Ed Lima on Prey Audio

Out today is a new interview with sound man Ed Lima (formerly) of Human Head on Prey related sound. Here's a few quotes from the full interview:

"Q: Prey has had an interesting development cycle, was there any old content you inherited from the old "Prey" that was being developed by 3D Realms? Or any direction from back then for sound design?

A: As with most other elements of "Prey", 3D Realms very generously gave Human Head free reign to do what was required. Since the monsters, weapons and settings were all newly created for the game, all of the audio content was similarly built from the ground up. We did use some original Grandfather voiceover in our first E3 2005 trailer for "Prey", but beyond that, every audio asset is brand new.

Q: What was your role on Prey and what other games have you worked on in the past?

A: I was Audio Lead on "Prey", which means I was responsible for everything you hear in the game, including sound effects, music and voiceover. I also directed the voiceover actors, and contributed some additional writing to the game. My previous titles include "DOOM 3", "007 Nightfire", and Empire Earth."

Check out the full interview over here at soundblaster.com.

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