July 11, 2006

Prey is out!

It's Prey Day! It's been a long time coming, but the full retail version of Prey has been released!

It's out in retail today in North America, and on the 14th elsewhere around the world in both PC & Xbox 360 formats. Run to your local retailer to get a copy. If you don't want to run, you can SpritWalk over there. :)

If you haven't checked it out at all, there's a demo available for the PC version as well as the 360 version (on Xbox Live Marketplace). You can try them for free now.

But the game is available in retail now. You can also download the full game over at Triton if you don't want to stand in line at a store, or save some gasoline. :) And speaking of Triton, here's a news flash they sent over to us:

Triton, the world's fastest online game streaming service, is providing uncapped bandwidth for the launch of Prey! Customers will enjoy over 30 gigabits of bandwidth and 48 terabytes of caching across thousands of servers around the globe for the delivery of Prey, with no cap on download speed per connection! The more bandwidth you have, the quicker you get up and playing, and the faster the game streams to your PC!

Once you've gotten the game, make sure and join in the discussions on our Prey forums by clicking here.

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