July 27, 2006

Prey Strategy Guide now available!

Having a problem getting by a certain level in Prey? Want to find out all you can about the secret areas in Prey? Then we have something for you. It's the Official Prey Strategy guide book. Available now, this guide is a comprehensive guide to Tommy's world of Prey.

BradyGames' Prey Official Strategy Guide includes the following:

  • A comprehensive walkthrough that guides you through every twist and turn of this epic adventure
  • Multiprey coverage: crush the opposition in multiplayer with weapon locations, item locations, and strategy for every map
  • A full bestiary with tips and tactics to help you obliterate the gruesome foes that threaten your existence
  • A complete list of Xbox 360 game achievements to help you go for the best Game Card score

This guide is enhanced with bonus online content! Look inside for the BradyGames Connected icon and follow the URL to access these exclusive features:

  • Boss fight, strategy, and puzzle videos in three formats for PC, iPod, and PlayStation Portable (PSP)
  • Downloadable wallpapers featuring Prey artwork for your PC desktop, in four sizes

This guide covers both the PC & Xbox 360 versions, so whichever platform is your choosing, this guide has something for you! You can order your own copy right now by clicking on the cover art shown here.

You can also check out other books about our games on our books page.

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