July 28, 2006

Prey Burning up the Sales Charts!

That's right, Prey is the #1 game on the Xbox 360 in the UK as per this chart info over at chart-track.co.uk.

Prey is beating out such current heavy hitters on the console such as Chromehounds, Moto GP 06, Table Tennis, & Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion!

If you haven't checked out Prey on your Xbox 360, the demo is available for free right now in the Marketplace, or you can check out the purchase info here on our site!

Prey is #1 on the UK PC sales charts too - besting the Sims 2 (as well as one of its expansion packs), and World of Warcraft, and other titles like Half Life 2: Episode 1. Check out the full UK PC sales chart here.

Prey is also up at the top of the US PC sales charts, too. Gaming site Voodoo Extreme is reporting that for the week ending July 20th, Prey was #2 in the overall sales chartes, behind only perennial powerhouse World of Warcraft. Check out the complete list over at Voodoo Extreme!

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