January 4, 2007

Prey Amongst Best Games of 2006

Prey was a big hit this past summer when it was first released, and some folks have not forgotten about it when it came time to making their "Best of" Lists for 2006. First up is the news magazine Time, which has Prey listed as #6 in their best games of 2006. Here's what Time had to say about Prey:

It's rare that we get any genuinely innovative takes on the shoot-'em-up genre, but Prey has some really smart ideas about how to use the dangerously realistic Doom 3 engine - watch for fun with teleportation portals and some gnarly firefights in variable gravity. The alien ship blends the organic and the technological in really disturbing ways, and unlike in Doom 3 they don't go overboard with the shadows - you can actually see the full horror before you kill it.

Prey also won "Best First Person Shooter of 2006" from the gaming site Voodoo Extreme. Here's a bit from what VE3D wrote about Prey:

Yup, it took almost a decade, but 3D Realms finally released Prey with Human Head Studios' talented development skills. Anyone who has played the demo can immediately appreciate why Prey won. The weapons were enjoyable, and the portal technology and other tricks kept the levels fresh and fun.

If you've never tried Prey before, why not grab the free demo, and check it out yourself? You can get to the Prey downloads page here.

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