January 12, 2007

Macintosh Prey

If you're a Macintosh user, then you know what it's like in terms of "attention" from publishers as a gaming platform. We're glad to say for our Macintosh fans that the Macintosh version of Prey will be hitting stores shortly. Featuring all the same fun that the PC & Xbox 360 platforms have already experienced, if you're a Macintosh owner, you're going to want to check this out.

MacPrey even won the "Best of Show" award at the recent 2007 Macworld Expo. Here's what they had to say about it:

The first-person shooter puts you in the shoes of a Cherokee garage mechanic fighting off an alien menace. Prey's innovative "deathwalking" gameplay and basis in Cherokee mythology add unique twists to an intricately detailed first-person shooter that looks and plays great on MacBook Pros, Intel iMacs, and Mac Pros alike.

We will have further details on MacPrey next week. In the meantime, if you wish to pre-order a copy, you can do so via some links at our Prey ordering page. You can also check out the press release announcing MacPrey's having gone gold here. Make sure and check back here next week for the latest!

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