April 5, 2007

Prey's a Top Download on Xbox 360

The Official Xbox Magazine's current issue (April 2007) has Prey listed as one of their top downloads! They apparently are into Prey multiplayer, as they have Prey listed as one of their top downloads, over such items as the "Gears of War Map Pack", and some South Park episodes available on Xbox Live. Here's what they had to say about this:

The developers for Prey released a host of new multiplayer content.. for free. How did we get this lucky? The goodies include five new character skins, and four new maps, with names like Gravity Labs, Space Oddity, Topillogical, and Tunnel Rat. Did we mention it's free?

If you have an Xbox 360, and haven't checked out Prey, you should do so. There is a free demo for the game available in the Xbox Live Marketplace, and the game has also had a price drop, so you can pick up a copy cheaper now. Check out the Prey ordering page for some links.

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