June 7, 2008

DNF Footage in High Def!

A short update to the Jace Hall show announcements of the last couple of days.

You can now check out the game footage shown from Duke Nukem Forever in high definition on your television! All you need to do is fire up your Xbox 360, and check out the Games Store. If you go into the Games Store, you need to look in the "Games Videos" area, and then the "Independent Videos" subsection. From there you can select the Jace Hall Show!

Episode 1 which includes the interview with Scott Miller & George Broussard, and the footage from Duke Nukem Forever will run you 80 Microsoft points. Jace Hall is working to get the show visible in a slightly more prominent location than this, but in the meantime, this is how you can get to it. Future episodes of his show will be available here as well!

Check it out!

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